Garlic lover's you've arrived! this aromatic masterpiece has blends of herbs and spices that is making our mouth water even as we write this..MMM....


​​An All-American legendary BBQ sauce that has the perfect blend of sweetness and tang that you'd expect in a traditional BBQ sauce-except with a distinctive twist!

Our most popular sauce and our namesake, doesn't matter what mood you're in, with you hot wings tossed in this sauce you're Golden.

​​​​​Mile Hi

​​​​​Cool Flicker

​​​​​​BBQ Blaze

​​No Heat

Taste what all the buzz is about! This gooey classic has a touch of honey with a hint of mustard-it's a classic blend you're sure to love.

Erupting with flavor, this hot wing sauce is high on the scale of heat and awesomesauce.

Everything you'd expect from a Sweet & Sour sauce and more-a fruity-full flavored mix to toss our awesome chicken in couldn't be sweeter.

​​​​​Lemon Pepper

Sweetness, soy and spice makes our hot wings taste so nice. This glossy sauce is a perfect pairing with our crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside chicken.

​​​​​​​Colorado Fancy

​​​​​​​Shanghai Sizzle 

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This sauce features a blend of spices that are sweet and spicy accented with sesame seeds for a little crunch and toasty finish.

​​​​​​Golden Flame

​​Honey Bee


Zest and zing have created a match in heaven.. and you can experience it on earth! This citrusy seasoning helps create a crispy outside while locking in the moist goodness inside.

Keep cool, with this perfect mild masterpiece. It's a fan favorite for those looking for a full-flavored sauce without the price you pay with spice.


Looking for a classic Buffalo wing sauce that is tangy with a vinegar note, rich and the heat you crave? You'll love how this sauce lingers on your lips, leaving your chops flaming for a while.

Cajun seasonings that kick your mouth with authentic Louisiana-style spices. A fan fav of lovers of hot, peppery flavors.


We're blazin' new trails with this perfect blend of sweetness and tang that you'd expect in a traditional BBQ sauce-except with an unexpected spicy blast.

This sauce tastes like butter and hot sauce smoked over hickory with a smoky finish that accentuates the flavor of the habanero you'll hanker for..

​​Sweet & Sour